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East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies

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East Asian countries play important roles in today's global culture and economy. As the U.S. increasingly "pivots toward Asia," understanding the history, culture, and day-to-day workings of these regions becomes ever more important. The East Asian Studies major offers comparative studies of a region that has been integrally linked for centuries by trade and the exchange of philosophical ideas, religion, literature and art. As a major in East Asian Studies, you'll gain an understanding of this fascinating region through interdisciplinary studies that combine work in an East Asian language with courses exploring intriguing aspects of the culture and societies of East Asia. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our Study Abroad Program to gain first hand experience in China and Japan.

Real World Outcomes

East Asian studies majors from UC Davis are well prepared either for careers that involve working with East Asian affairs and people or for graduate studies in aspects of East Asian cultures and societies. Some career choices of recent graduates include journalism, international business, government service, teaching and social services.


The East Asian Studies program offers a core of basic courses in East Asian humanities (including languages, comparative literature and art history) and social sciences (including history, anthropology and sociology). Students then choose from a wide range of more advanced and specialized courses to tailor an individualized program of study.