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A jacket with classic lines and a graceful shape. A website where information is easy to find. A book set in a typeface that complements the text perfectly. An art gallery where the displays flow naturally together. All these items have one thing in common--they were crafted with care by designers. Majoring in design at UC Davis allows you to combine artistic skill and training with experience in practical and commercial applications. Under the guidance of some of the nation's most highly regarded design instructors, you'll learn to give the products of your imagination a tangible shape and to put your creativity to work solving real-world problems… beautifully.

Real World Outcomes: 
UC Davis Design alumni follow a variety of exciting paths upon graduation. Some go directly into further graduate study. Others obtain design positions in different fields including visual communications (digital, environmental and print), interiors, fashion, textiles, exhibition, and product (lighting and furniture) and sustainable design. Just in the last thee years, our alumni have become employed as designers by companies including Apple, Disney, Lululemon Athletica, Pottery Barn, Gap, Inc., Vanity Fair and Whole Foods. In addition, alumni have become entrepreneurs through freelance and commissioned work in many related design areas.

The UC Davis Design Program, the only comprehensive academic design unit in the University of California system, delivers a research focused undergraduate (B.A.) curriculum that fully integrates design history, theory and criticism, with design thinking, making, writing, visual literacy, and creative practice. Studio courses include design as practiced in exhibition, fashion, information, interior architecture and product (lighting and furniture), textiles, visual communications (digital, environmental, and print) and sustainable design.