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Major and minor

A major in Chinese is the gateway to the world's most widely spoken language, the historical traditions of Chinese society and the modern culture of almost one-fourth of the world's population. Even if you have no prior knowledge of Chinese, you will achieve fluency in written and spoken Mandarin. Small classes, advanced teaching methods and educational technology help you perfect your language skills and gain knowledge of China's literary and cultural heritage. You may also study abroad in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong for first-hand experience.

Real World Outcomes

Chinese majors from UC Davis have gone on to careers in government, international welfare organizations, journalism, teaching, interpreting and tourism. The major is also excellent preparation for graduate work in any area of East Asian studies, as well as for professional business school.


During your first two years, along with language courses, you will study Chinese literature in English translation to examine the different periods, genres and movements of China's cultural development. At the upper division level, along with advanced literature courses, you may study Chinese and East Asian culture in courses from many disciplines, including art history, religious studies, anthropology, economics and political science.