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Chicana/Chicano Studies

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The Chicana/Chicano Studies major provides a unique opportunity to serve and understand the Chicanx/Latinx community. Policymakers must know specifics about the people, comprehend and appreciate the culture and understand how to work with this fast-growing community. The major offers an interdisciplinary curriculum which focuses on the Chicanx/Latinx experience through an analysis of class, race-ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and cultural expression within the historical and contemporary experiences of Chicanx/Latinx people in the Americas.

Real World Outcomes

Chicana/o Studies majors have gone on to a variety of exciting opportunities. The Cultural Studies emphasis prepares students for professional work in cross-cultural education, cultural/art centers, artistic expression and communication. The Social/Policy Studies emphasis orients students towards careers in human service delivery, community development, legal services assistance, health services, social welfare and education. Many students go on to advanced professional studies or graduate students in related fields. Program alumni include a college president, a member of the California Legislature, teachers, librarians and social workers.


After completing survey courses at the lower division levels, Chicana/Chicano Studies majors choose to specialize in either of two areas: the Cultural Studies emphasis integrates literature, culture, and artistic expression; the Social/Policy Studies track emphasizes social theory, research methods, area studies in community and health issues. Students are expected to read, write and speak Spanish at a level suitable for future study and work involving Chicanx and Latinx perspectives.