Asian American Studies at UC Davis

Asian American Studies

Major and minor

Intrigued by the stories, contributions and struggles of Asian Americans? Want to better understand their historical, political, economic and cultural contexts? The UC Davis major in Asian American Studies is one of the first programs in the nation to examine critically the diverse and complex experiences of Asian Americans through the study of literature, culture, history, sociology, politics, religion and psychology. Drawing on multiple disciplines, this program will help you develop skills in research, critical thinking, public speaking and writing, while deepening your understanding of the richness and tremendous diversity of our nation. The major also offers opportunities to work directly with local and greater California Asian American communities.

Real World Outcomes

With the increasingly multicultural and globalizing nature of society, a strong background in ethnic studies is a significant advantage in many occupational fields. Alumni have gone on to jobs in law, health and medicine, education, journalism, business, public policy, community advocacy and the arts, as well as continuing on to graduate school for advanced degrees.


The department offers the opportunity for students to explore experiences of Asian Americans, particularly their community, culture and histories. The department provides a well rounded, interdisciplinary curriculum which engages approaches from areas such as history, law and society, social movements, global studies, cultural studies, film and media, women studies, health and much more. After you have completed a series of foundation courses on Asian American studies, the program allows you to choose a specialization in elective courses, as well as get experience in research and community internships.