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  •   Advisor Name: Ileana Oseguera and Huryoung Vongsachang
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The language of visual culture speaks across boundaries of history and geography, resonating powerfully in every society. The study of art history is the study of the expression of personal and social truths through painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and other fine and popular arts. As an art history major, you will draw on aspects of literature, history, critical theory, philosophy, anthropology and cultural studies in your efforts to understand the complex reasons that people create, support and value the visual arts.

Real World Outcomes

A major in art history develops critical thinking and the integration of research and knowledge. It provides an excellent grounding for professions as diverse as law, medicine and business. The major prepares students for advanced study in art history, architecture and cultural studies. It also serves as the foundation for careers in teaching, arts administration, museums, galleries, historic preservation, art libraries, publishing, journalism, advertising, art conservation and art investment. As the world becomes increasingly flooded with images, critical visual "reading" skills become more and more important for a wide range of careers.


As a student majoring in art history, you will begin with courses that survey the arts of Asia, Europe, and America. More specialized lecture courses and pro-seminars follow in global art and visual culture from ancient times to the present day. You are also encouraged to complement the major with advanced work in related disciplines such as classics, religion, history, philosophy, literature, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and foreign languages.