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African American and African Studies

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The study of African American and African culture and politics will give you a deep appreciation of the impact on modern society. You will draw on multiple academic disciplines, including history, literature, art, dance,anthropology and political science, to gain a thorough understanding of the nature of African American and African societies, their struggles and traditions of the past and present. You will learn from professors who are active in their disciplines and areas of specialization. Students in African American and African Studies can elect to study in Africa for a quarter or longer, through campus Study Abroad.

Real World Outcomes

African American and African studies graduates are prepared to work in many situations requiring appreciation of cultural diversity and awareness of social forces. Alumni have gone on to careers in the California Office of Education, county social service programs, counseling services and education at every level. Others have entered graduate school in a variety of fields.


You will begin with a series of foundation courses on historical and contemporary African American culture and society, essential social science methodology and comparative ethnic studies. You may choose, in addition to your study of African American culture, to focus on African or diaspora studies. There is great flexibility within the major to concentrate on areas of particular interest to you.