Undeclared Humanities Major

Undeclared Humanities Major

Cultural literacy, literary analysis and expression, writing, language, women’s and gender studies: these disciplines are at the core of the humanities at UC Davis. Students who pursue majors in the humanities learn to present new ideas and inspired solutions to the most pressing problems.

Attending to past, present, and emergent cultural formations and interpreting culture becomes ever more important as global communication technologies, political forces, and environmental concerns reshape knowledge.

Our commitment to cultural literacy encompasses the basic but complex skills of reading and writing in English and in other languages; conducting historical, critical, and analytical inquiry into the forms and conditions of literary and aesthetic expression; and exploring and deconstructing cultural, social, gender, and demographic systems and structures.

Majors in the humanities range from African and African American Studies, French, and Chicano/a Studies to Medieval and Early Modern Studies, English, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, among many others. Undeclared majors in the humanities have a wide diversity of choices to explore and combine for a rewarding beginning to their studies in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science.