Spring 2016 College of Letters and Science Magazine

Spring 2016 College of Letters and Science MagazineIn the Spring 2016 issue of the College of Letters and Science Magazine, we celebrate the Interconnectivity of Our World with stories that reflect the ways in which the college thrives at the intersection of art and science, technology and community, East and West. Our interdisciplinarity and collaboration in research, teaching and learning are exemplified in stories throughout the issue, including: 

  • Complexity Science Center with its focus on chaos theory and complex networks
  • The research of communications professor Martin Hilbert who studies the evolution of digital information and its effects on societies
  • The participatory and immersive art of Jiayi Young, a professor of design with master’s degrees in atomic physics and fine arts.

Our search for answers and the knowledge we create rest at the frontiers of discovery. Diverse collaborations across disciplines, genres and cultures position the college to seed innovation and generate an exchange of ideas that can move our globe forward.