Mark Foncannon

Mark Foncannon

Position Title
Director of Student Recruitment and Career Development

Undergraduate Education and Advising


Mark Foncannon joined the College of Letters and Science in 2018. Mark started his career at UC Davis in 2001 working in Undergraduate Admissions. For four years, he coordinated outreach, recruitment and yield activities for prospective and incoming freshmen and transfer students. He then managed the Undergraduate Scholarship Office in Financial Aid for six years before moving to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ Advancement Team. He built the donor relations and stewardship program for that college over seven years before taking on this new role in Letters and Science.

Mark coordinates the undergraduate student recruitment, outreach and yield activities for the college and supports students in their career exploration and development. He also oversees a student ambassador program, offering students leadership experience, networking and presentation skills.
Mark has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the UC Davis College of Letters and Science, and a master’s degree in organizational development from Alliant University. When not at work, Mark enjoys training for and participating in triathlons, reading, and spending time with his family.