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Saving an Endangered Language

December 01, 2015
Justin Spence, an assistant professor in the UC Davis Native American Studies Department, received a $245,000 grant from the National Science Foundation’s Documenting Endangered Languages program for research and documentation of the Hupa language.

Political Science Senior Vies for Rhodes Scholarship

November 15, 2015
UC Davis senior David Belcher, a Rhodes Scholarship finalist, says his grandparents’ flight from Ukraine to the U.S. during World War II inspired him to study ways to improve democratic representation. He is UC Davis’ third Rhodes Scholarship finalist in the past four years, and the second from the College of Letters and Science.

Sheffrin Lecture: Political Theorist Explores Corporate Rights

November 15, 2015
Should corporations, churches and voluntary associations be assigned rights under our laws in the same way as individual human beings? That's the question that philosopher and political theorist Philip Pettit explored Oct. 29, 2017, in a talk at UC Davis.

Community College Programs Drive Higher Incomes

November 14, 2015
Community college programs in career and technical education — especially in health professions — lead to significant financial returns, especially for women, according to a new policy brief by the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research.

Long Friendship Produces Lots of Music

November 12, 2015
UC Davis music faculty members and husband and wife Sam Nichols and Laurie San Martin have known cellist David Russell for 20 years and they’ve been writing music for him nearly that long.

Emeriti Faculty Continue Scholarly Work

November 01, 2015
Like many retirees, UC Davis professors don’t quit working when they retire. Some say they’ve done their most significant work since retiring.

Often Decried, Polygyny May Have Some Advantages

October 30, 2015
A UC Davis study of polygyny in Tanzania finds that the practice of sharing a husband may, in some circumstances, lead to greater health and wealth for women and their children.

UCD Physicist Praises 2015 Nobel Prizes

October 26, 2015
UC Davis Physics Professor Robert Svoboda collaborated on one of the two neutrino experiments honored this year by the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics.

UC Davis Chemistry Goes Green

October 16, 2015
The University of California, Davis, Department of Chemistry celebrated joining the Green Chemistry Commitment on Thursday, Oct. 8. By signing the Green Chemistry Commitment this summer, the UC Davis chemistry department joined more than 25 schools and universities in adding the principles of green chemistry to its formal curriculum.  

Mellon scholar brings insight into initiative

October 14, 2015
A new research initiative, Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds, examines the diverse places – from Tanzania to Indonesia - the ocean touches and how they are all connected by it. The initiative holds its first symposium Friday, Oct. 16.

History Ph.D. Candidate Helps Host Chile California Conference

October 14, 2015
William San Martín, a Fulbright scholar from Chile and a Ph.D. candidate in Latin American history, is the content and program coordinator for the Oct. 17, 2015, Chile California Conference, “Envisioning the Future, Creating it Together."

Research Earns Faculty a Trio of Honors

October 12, 2015
Faculty in the UC Davis anthropology, pscyhology and economics departments recently earned recognition from their peers throughout California and around the world for trail-blazing research on primate-predator interactions, close relationships among people, and the historic links between credit growth and financial crises.

Zebras Untamed

October 06, 2015
A new study by UC Davis researchers suggests that the enduring wildness of zebra may be the evolutionary legacy of thousands of years of hunting by humans.