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Young Alum Wins New Scholarship for Study in China

January 11, 2016
If you've already earned a pilot's license, a black belt in kung fu, an undergraduate degree from UC Davis and a great spot in the tech industry, what's next? James Rizzo, 22, has answered by winning a prestigious new scholarship for a year's graduate study in Beijing at one of China's leading universities.

Visiting Mellon Scholar Gives Insight Into Refugee Crisis

January 04, 2016
For months, the world has watched refugees move toward and into Europe from Syria, Eritrea, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, many fleeing wars and poverty. Although this surge of refugees – more than 500,000 this year – surprised many, it could have been predicted, according to Maurice Stierl, a visiting scholar in the new UC Davis Comparative Border Studies Initiative.

Tracking Down Real-life Private Detectives

December 18, 2015
John Walton, a distinguished professor emeritus of sociology, searched for the real-life private detectives who inspired crime fiction dating back 175 years and created a myth that rivaled the likes of Robin Hood. “This was a story that was meant not to be told,” he said of his latest book, The Legendary Detective: The Private Eye in Fact and Fiction.

Early Intervention in Dyslexia Can Narrow Achievement Gap

December 14, 2015
Identifying children with dyslexia as early as first grade could narrow or even close the achievement gap with typical readers, according to a new study by researchers at UC Davis and Yale University.

Ross Thompson to lead Zero to Three

December 14, 2015
Ross Thompson, a distinguished professor of psychology, is the new president of the board of directors for Zero to Three, a national nonprofit that promotes the health and development of young children.

Many UC Davis Linked Books on the Shelves

December 05, 2015
Want to know how California became the birthplace of the modern conservative movement? Take a ride with words and images down the California coast? Find out where our image of the classic gumshoe came from? Ride along on a uniquely told story about a round-the-globe voyage?   Those are a few of thing things you can do and learn about in new books from UC Davis faculty and graduates.

Oxytocin and Anxiety

December 05, 2015
New research by UC Davis behavioral neuroscientists suggests oxytocin may have different effects in men and women—and in certain circumstances the hormone may actually trigger anxiety.

Free Textbook Effort Expands With $600,000 Grant

December 05, 2015
College students in the STEM fields could see sizable savings thanks to a $600,000 grant awarded to an open source textbook project developed at the University of California, Davis.

Saving an Endangered Language

December 01, 2015
Justin Spence, an assistant professor in the UC Davis Native American Studies Department, received a $245,000 grant from the National Science Foundation’s Documenting Endangered Languages program for research and documentation of the Hupa language.

Political Science Senior Vies for Rhodes Scholarship

November 15, 2015
UC Davis senior David Belcher, a Rhodes Scholarship finalist, says his grandparents’ flight from Ukraine to the U.S. during World War II inspired him to study ways to improve democratic representation. He is UC Davis’ third Rhodes Scholarship finalist in the past four years, and the second from the College of Letters and Science.

Sheffrin Lecture: Political Theorist Explores Corporate Rights

November 15, 2015
Should corporations, churches and voluntary associations be assigned rights under our laws in the same way as individual human beings? That's the question that philosopher and political theorist Philip Pettit explored Oct. 29, 2017, in a talk at UC Davis.

Community College Programs Drive Higher Incomes

November 14, 2015
Community college programs in career and technical education — especially in health professions — lead to significant financial returns, especially for women, according to a new policy brief by the UC Davis Center for Poverty Research.

Long Friendship Produces Lots of Music

November 12, 2015
UC Davis music faculty members and husband and wife Sam Nichols and Laurie San Martin have known cellist David Russell for 20 years and they’ve been writing music for him nearly that long.

Emeriti Faculty Continue Scholarly Work

November 01, 2015
Like many retirees, UC Davis professors don’t quit working when they retire. Some say they’ve done their most significant work since retiring.