Students Thrive with Support from Scholarships

Chloe Tsudama and Rose Trulin

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, each year the College of Letters and Science provides scholarships that make a real difference in the lives of our students. Your support helps empower the next generation of leaders such as Rose Trulin and Chloe Tsudama—both received gifts through the Letters and Science Undergraduate Scholarship Fund.

Rose Trulin studies people and artistic expressions 

Rose Trulin, a double major in art history and anthropology, grew up in Chico and is the first member of her family to attend college.

“I fell in love with both the subjects,” said Trulin, who transferred to UC Davis from a community college. “I love looking at people and the things they do to express themselves. I think it’s really important to be passionate about the major you decide to pursue.”

Along with her studies she’s involved with the Art History Club, the Aggie Arts Student Advisory Board at the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, and has interned at SynRG Arts & Wellness and Pence Art Gallery.

“The scholarship has allowed me to not have to work so much and spend more time on my studies,” said Trulin, a senior. “There are a lot of students out there that don’t get any help from their families, and by providing scholarships you are creating opportunity as well as showing someone that you care, that they aren’t alone in in their pursuits. They say it takes a village to raise a child; the same applies to college students. It takes a community to raise a successful graduate.”

Chloe Tsudama focuses on research in psychology lab

Chloe Tsudama, a transfer student majoring in psychology, is following in her older sister’s footprints as a member of the first generation on her mother’s side of the family to attend college.

“In order to implement change in society, it is critical to understand behavior,” said Tsudama. “Psychology is a vast, diverse field that can be useful in so many ways and do a lot of good.”

Tsudama garnered a position as an undergraduate researcher in the Personality and Self-Knowledge Lab, run by Simine Vazire, associate professor of psychology. She is also involved with the Sexual Assault Awareness Advocacy Committee (SAAAC) and is engaged in discussions about sexual violence awareness on campus.

“The scholarship I received helped me pay for textbooks I need to succeed in class,” said Tsudama. “It has removed a lot of the anxiety that comes with realizing how much textbooks and related materials cost. Donors who make the gift of financial peace of mind allow students like myself to focus that much more on their studies and things they are passionate about. They make life much better for students following in their footsteps.”

— Donna Justice, director of marketing and communications in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science