woman wearing brightly colored wrap over rose colored floral dress. Wearing thick framed black glasses, black hair tied back. Standing in from of a small off white wooden buuilding

Shawna Yazzie, a UC Davis doctoral student in Native American studies, photographed at a ceremony in Arizona where she learned Native weaving.

Native American Studies Student Learns Weaving Arts

In a Western world that suppresses Indigenous culture, members of the Navajo Nation actively engage in artistic cultural revival as a means to keep their history alive and to create vibrant futures. During a fellowship, Shawna Yazzie, a doctoral student in Native American studies has been looking at and learning the ongoing rug weaving practices at a Body of Water in a Sunken Area, also known as Piñon, Arizona, her family’s homeland.

Rug weaving as shared with me is a breathing life form, it has a life of its own in which I (as a weaver) embark on creating healing for a vibrant future."  — Shawna Yazzie

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