Assistant professor of chemistry Jesús Velázquez
Assistant professor of chemistry Jesús Velázquez

Jesús Velázquez Awarded Sustainable Energy Fellowship

The American Physical Society (APS) has awarded the Stanford R. Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship to Jesús Velázquez, assistant professor of chemistry. The early career honor recognizes Velázquez’s “transformative research accomplishments in advancing the production of solar fuels, elucidating fundamental design principles underpinning negative emissions science, and for articulating a bold vision of a sustainable chemical industry using CO2 instead of fossil fuels as the primary feedstock,” according to APS. Velázquez will receive $15,000 to fund exploratory research aimed at energy sustainability.

Velázquez joined the UC Davis Department of Chemistry in 2016. His additional honors include a National Science Foundation CAREER grant; recognition as a Royal Society of Chemistry emerging investigator; a Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement Scialog Fellow; a Cottrell Scholar; a faculty scholar in the UC Davis Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Science (CAMPOS); and the 2021 Chemical & Engineering News’ (C&EN) Talented 12. 

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