Annaliese Franz

Chemistry Professor Developing Innovative Solution for Methane Emissions

Annaliese Franz, professor in the Department of Chemistry, is one of seven scientists at UC Davis who are receiving grants to advance research and innovations with commercial potential. The recipients are addressing an important range of challenges — from cancer to climate change — with unique solutions.

Franz and her team are developing an algae-based ruminant feed supplement that will both decrease the methane emissions of cattle production and increase feed efficiency. Methane emissions from cattle and other ruminants contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Science Translation and Innovative Research, or STAIR, grant program provides awards of up to $50,000 to campus innovators to enable demonstration of early proof-of-concept for technologies being developed at the university.

In addition to receiving grants, recipients participate in a structured entrepreneurial training program, such as the Entrepreneurship Academy hosted by the UC Davis Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Awardees are also paired with experienced business mentors to provide guidance on commercial translation.

— Adapted from a story by the UC Davis Office of Research

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