Give Day 2019: Helping Students Write Their Own Stories

Give Day at the College of Letters and Science

Support for the College of Letters and Science on Give Day 2019

Give Day 2019’s 29-hour intense period of fundraising is now over. A great big Thank You to everyone who supported the College on Give Day. 


Give Day - April 12-13, 2019


Your Generosity Supports Student Learning In and Out of the Classroom

Home to nearly half of all undergraduates at UC Davis — 40 percent of them the first in their families to attend a university — the College of Letters and Science is the largest and most diverse of the campus’s four colleges. Our faculty and students are at the heart of the UC Davis commitment to inclusive excellence, opening the doors of our university to all.

Of course, access is just a first step. Inside our classrooms, studios, and labs, our students engage deeply in learning across disciplinary boundaries. But some of the most profound and lasting student experiences happen beyond the classroom. Internships, travel abroad, research, and leadership opportunities are critical components of the world-class education offered through the College of Letters and Science. Students who pursue these beyond-the-classroom experiences not only benefit in their journey toward meaningful and fulfilling careers, but also bring their strengths to the world as a whole.

Philanthropy and alumni support help make all of this possible. The world beyond college is complex and ever-changing. When you give to the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis, you become a very real part of our students’ superpower to open the doors of opportunity for a lifetime.

You Helped Us Activate Every Challenge 

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends to the College on Give Day 2019, we unlocked nearly $100,000 in additional giving. 

Art Studio Challenge

The Art Studio program delivers a broad range of hands-on studio practices including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, ceramics, and time-based media. Help this outstanding program meet its highest-priority objectives. Ten gifts activated $2,500 from Joan DePaoli.

Beyond the Classroom Challenge

The duty of the College of Letters and Science goes beyond offering a rigorous academic experience; we are committed to by providing our students with meaningful learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Internship, study abroad, research, fieldwork, and mentorship are critical to the student experience, but many students have difficulty navigating and financing these opportunities. Give now to support beyond the classroom education for all! Forty gifts unlocked $2,500 from Eve Ma.

CalTeach/MAST Challenge

Giving to CalTeach/MAST will support the program’s mission to increase the number of and quality of math and science teachers encouraging UC Davis STEM majors to consider careers in K-12 STEM teaching. Twenty gifts activated $2,500 from Dr. Sandra Carlson.

Chemistry Research Support Challenge

Help support chemistry research at UC Davis! Materials chemistry involves the use of chemistry for the design and synthesis of materials with interesting or potentially useful physical characteristics and applications. Ten gifts opened $10,000 from Peter Klavins and Susan Kauzlarich.

C.N. Gorman Museum Challenge #1

Support the accessibility of contemporary Native American and Indigenous art at UC Davis! For 45 years, the C.N. Gorman Museum at UC Davis has been dedicated to the creative expressions of Native American artists and artists of diverse cultures. The museum is unique for its commitment to exhibiting contemporary works by living Indigenous artists, including established Native artists and the next generations of emerging Indigenous artists. Ten gifts activated $25,000 from Nancy and Bill Roe.

C.N. Gorman Museum Challenge #2

Support the accessibility of contemporary Native American and Indigenous art at UC Davis! For 45 years, the C.N. Gorman Museum at UC Davis has been dedicated to the creative expressions of Native American artists and artists of diverse cultures. The museum is unique for its commitment to exhibiting contemporary works by living Indigenous artists, including established Native artists and the next generations of emerging Indigenous artists. Ten gifts opened $5,000 from Jurg and Christel Bieri.

Design Museum Support Challenge

Support the Design Museum at UC Davis! This museum enhances the teaching and research activities of the department, exploring how design shapes, improves, and makes economically viable the technology and environments we use and experience every day. Exhibitions change each quarter and highlight undergraduate and graduate student work annually in the spring. Ten gifts activated $2,500 from Catherine Cerny.

Elmer Forrest Bartley Scholarship Challenge

Help provide scholarships to L&S students! This fund awards undergraduate or graduate students who are in an academic program within the College of Letters and Science. Twenty gifts activated $5,000 from Elmer Forrest Bartley. 

Global Tea Initiative Challenge

Help support the development of the UC Davis Global Tea Initiative to provide student tea curriculum, international research, sensory theater, public events, and more! Ten gifts activated $2,500 from the Sugimoto Tea Company.

Jan Elsea Theatre Workshop Challenge

Help fund an annual workshop series offering opportunities for students to engage with nationally recognized experts in theater, dance, and performance. Ten gifts activated $2,500 from Janet G. Elsea, Ph.D.

Joy S. Shinkoskey Series Concerts Challenge

Help keep musical performances accessible on campus through these free concerts. From string quartets to electric guitars and percussionists, the Joy S. Shinkoskey Series of Noon Concerts brings music from artists of all genres to UC Davis. Twenty gifts opened up $5,000 from Bret T. Hewitt ’76 and ’83.

L&S Student Scholarship Challenge

Help provide scholarship support to incoming students. Ten gifts activated $10,600 from the Parker Family Foundation .

Manfred P. Fleischer Undergraduate Honors Challenge

Help provide support to high-achieving undergraduate History students and give them the opportunity to travel and do summer research about a specific historical time. Ten gifts opened up $5,000 from Courtney Linn and Sarah Aikenhead.

Music Lesson Support Challenge

Make a gift today in support of private music lessons. The relationship between the music student and his or her private teacher is fundamental to musical development. Only with a one-on-one relationship is real musical growth possible. With your support, we can sustain and enhance the music lesson program, and train our talented students to become gifted musicians. Twenty gifts activated $8,000 from Anne P. Gray, Mary Horton and Janet Mayhew.

Pathways to Professional Geology Challenge

Help UC Davis students achieve careers as professional geologists. The “Pathway to Professional Geology” program supports students along the pathway to professional licensure by providing direct financial assistance and preparatory resources for the ASBOG exam. This program encourages students to take the professional examinations within their final year at UC Davis, increasing the odds of receiving a passing grade. Ten gifts activated $25,000 from Roy Shlemon.

Quantam Mathematics and Physics Challenge

The Quantum Mathematics And Physics (QMAP) fund will be used to support vibrant high-level scientific activity, including an active visitor program, workshops/conferences, as well as recognition and recruitment of stellar students and postdoctoral researchers. Such funds will help QMAP attain further international renown, becoming a destination of the top world experts in the field. Ten gifts unlocked a $7,500 donation.

Roland Marchand Memorial Fellowship Challenge

Help provide financial support for graduate students in the Department of History. These fellowships provide travel, conference, and research opportunities that they would otherwise have to forgo or fund themselves. Ten gifts unlocked $5,000 from Betsy Marchand.

Summer Field Geology Challenge

Help support a course considered to be the most valuable in the geology curriculum, and ensure students continue to benefit from the immersive experience of spending six weeks applying knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world problems in the field. Fifteen gifts activated $12,500 from Robert and Lisa Campbell.

San Francisco Young Alumni Senior Award Challenge

Join other alums in supporting UC Davis seniors majoring within the College of Letters and Science. Your gift will help these selected students launch a career in the Bay Area, provide professional development and networking activities for young UC Davis alumni, as well as fund on-campus student run organizations. Nineteen gifts unlocked $5,000 from the SF Young Alumni Board. 

Support Aggie Design Students Challenge

Help us support current students in the design department by covering course costs not included in student fees. Ten gifts unlocked a $2,500 donation to help support students.

UC Center Sacramento Challenge

UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) is an education and policy research dissemination program of the University of California. The Center hosts UC undergraduate students each year who come to Sacramento to undertake academic course work and participate in internships in and around the Capitol. In response to the needs of our students, the Center established a UCCS Student Scholarship Fund to help defray the costs of attending. Twenty gifts activated $2,500 from Tom McMorrow.

William E. Valente Music Scholarship Challenge

Make a gift toward scholarships for music students. In honor and memory of the late Professor William E. Valente (1934-1993) and his impact on the many students he taught, guided and inspired during his life as a musical theory and composition teacher, chief undergraduate advisor for the Department of Music, and Conductor of the University Concert Band. Twenty gifts unlocked $5,000 from Gregory A. Friedman.