List is current through June 30, 2020. Note: If we inadvertently omitted your name from our list of donors, please let us know

  • Lifetime L&S Supporters: $50,000+ annual and lifetime giving 
  • A & E Television Networks
    Agilent Technologies
    Agilent Technologies Foundation
    Agricola Himalaya S.A.
    Air Physics Company
    Alan Templeton
    Albert & Elaine Borchard Foundation, Inc.
    Alexander and Kelly Harcourt
    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
    Alexandra Navrotsky
    Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
    Allison Coudert
    Almond Board of California
    ALZA Corp
    Alzheimer's Association
    American Association for Advancement of Science
    American Cancer Society, Inc.
    American Chemical Society
    American Council of Learned Societies
    American Heart Association-Burlingame
    American Institute of Bisexuality
    American Justice Institute
    American Mathematical Society
    American Petroleum Institute
    American Psychological Association
    American Punjabi Chamber of Commerce
    American Society Engineering Education
    American Society for 18 Century Studies
    American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise
    Amini Foundation
    Andrea McGinty
    Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
    Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
    Ann Down
    Aquanautics Corporation
    Architectural Energy Corporation
    Arizona State University
    Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation
    Arthur Krene and Jeanne Reese Krener
    Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
    AT&T Corporation
    Autism Speaks
    Bank of America Foundation
    Barry and Connie Hershey
    Berlex Inc
    Bernard Osher
    Bernhard and Linda Votteri
    Betsy Marchand
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Bill and Rebecca Race
    Biola University
    Bita Daryabari and Reza Malek
    Bracka Family Trust
    Bret Hewitt
    Bruce and Diane Edwards
    Bruce Janacek
    Bruker Daltonics, Inc.
    Bryan Cameron
    Bryan Schultz and Erica Ruliffson Schultz
    Burroughs Wellcome Fund
    Cal Aggie Foundation
    Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corporation
    California Association of Realtors
    California Center for Sustainable Energy
    California Council for the Humanities
    California Dairy Research Foundation
    California Historical Society
    California Institute of Technology
    California State University Sacramento
    California Sugar Beet Processors
    California Wellness Foundation
    Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation Inc
    Carlos and Andrea Alberini
    Carnegie Institution of Washington
    Carolyn Wall and Patricia Kearney
    Catherine Cerny
    Center for Cultural Judaism
    Ceracon, Inc.
    Chade-Meng Tan
    Charles and Nancy Reid
    Charles Louderback and Miranda Wagner
    Chau-Hsiung and Yueh-Jing Chuang
    Chevron Company
    Chevron Corporation
    Chevron Products Company
    Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation
    Chicago Community Trust
    Ching-Yao and Jane-Lin Fong
    Cliff Rodgers Foundation
    Colin Shipman and Violet Grgich
    Collaborative Labeling and Appliance
    Columbia University
    Compassion Institute Inc.
    Conference on Jewish Material Claims
    Connie Tarrant
    Consortium for Ocean Leadership
    Coralie Turbitt
    Cornell University
    Corrucini Company
    Craig Machado
    Cure Autism Now Foundation
    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    Daniel and Joanne Azarnoff
    Daniel Dolan
    Daniel Volman
    Darryl and Lois Goss
    David & Lucile Packard Foundation
    David Traill
    Deafness Research Foundation
    Diamond Developers Co. LTD
    Dick and Beany Wezelman
    Disney World Wide Services
    Donald Rickter
    Donna Pozzi
    Douglas Neuhauser
    Dow Chemical Company
    Dow Chemical Company Foundation
    Dow Chemical Company Foundation
    E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Edison International
    Eleanor Yang
    Elmer Bartley
    Elsa U. Pardee Foundation
    enLighted Inc
    Entech Solar, Inc.
    Epitomics, Inc
    Eric and Wendy Schmidt
    Ernest Tam and May Chau
    Etonic Worldwide Corporation
    ExxonMobil Foundation
    Facebook, Inc.
    Faris Al Saeed
    Fermi Research Alliance, LLC
    Finelite, Inc.
    Florida State University
    Ford Foundation
    Foundational Questions Institute/Silicon Valley
    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
    Frederica Darema
    Frederick and Mary Jane Corson
    Fresno Regional Foundation
    Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc.
    Giacomo Marini and Ellen Jamason
    Gill Foundation
    Good Nature Institute
    Google LLC
    Gopalan Raman
    Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
    Gordon and Ann Getty
    Granite Construction Co
    Grant Noda
    Hao Ko and Fay Wang
    Harney & Sons Tea Corp.
    Hartz Group
    Harvard University
    Harvey Mudd College
    Hazel Jacoby
    Heising-Simons Foundation
    Helen Richardson
    Henriette Fetzer
    Henry E. Huntington Library & Art Gallery
    Henry Luce Foundation
    Hewlett-Packard Company
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute
    Hui-Hwa Chiang and Yee-Chung Fu
    Ian Agol
    IBM Corporation
    Inge Johnstone and Christie Beatty Johnstone
    Institut Natl De La Sante
    Institute for New Economic Thinking
    Institute for Research on Unlimited Love
    Institute of International Education
    Intel Corporation
    International Development Research Center
    International Tea Importers
    Israel Institute
    ITO EN (North America) Inc.
    J. Paul Getty Trust Employee Match Program
    Jackson and Barbara Gualco
    Jackson Family Trust dtd 08-25-93
    James and Carole Barrall
    James and Lisa Cone
    James Finlay Ltd
    James Moser
    James S. McDonnell Foundation
    Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem
    Janet Mayhew
    Japan Foundation
    Javad and Shirin Rahimian
    Jay and Tammy Levine
    Jeffrey Light
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund
    Jim and Marilyn Simons
    Joanne Bethlahmy
    John and Ann Gunion
    John and Lois Crowe
    John Brinley
    John E. Fetzer Institute
    John LaBrecque
    John Lescroart and Lisa Sawyer
    John M. Olin Foundation
    John Pitzer
    John Poon and Maria Jocson
    John Smith
    John Templeton Foundation
    Johnathan Clay and Heather Lauter-Clay
    Johnson & Johnson
    Joseph and Eda Pell
    Joseph Harris
    Joyce Poirot
    Judith Moores
    Kansas State University
    Kathleen Dunlap
    Kathryn Reed Smith
    Katy Ko
    Kern and Elizabeth Holoman
    Kevin and Kim Bacon
    Konica Minolta Labratory USA, Inc.
    Koninklijke Philips Electronics
    Koret Foundation
    L.S.B. Leakey Foundation
    Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, Inc.
    Lavier Fay
    Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC
    Lawrence Lozares
    Lawrence Waterworth
    Leotek Electronics USA
    Leverhulme Trust
    Ling-Lie Chau
    Link Foundation
    Loredan Biomedical Inc
    Lori Summa
    LSST Corporation
    Lutron Electronics Co, Inc
    MAC Foundation
    Malcolm and Natalie MacKenzie
    March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation
    Margaret Jepsen Bowles
    Mark and Catherine Mascal
    Mark and Marcia Cary
    Mark Muro
    Mars Incorporated
    Marsha Stieber
    Mary Ann Morris
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Matthew Augustine and Julia Munsch
    Maurice Amado Foundation
    Max Kade Foundation
    Metanexus Institute on Religion
    Metropolitan State University of Denver
    Michael and Ann Savageau
    Michael and Ester Vaida
    Michael and Jill Pease
    Michael and Renee Child
    Michael Brandl and Margaret Wong
    Michael Dearing
    Michael Tennefoss and Tina Seelig
    Microsoft Corporation
    Milton and Pamela Levin
    Mind and Life Institute
    Mohini Jain
    Monsanto Company
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Muscular Dystrophy Association
    N&K Technology, Inc
    Napa Valley Grape Growers Association
    National Academies
    National Academy of Education
    National Academy of Sciences
    National Alliance for Research
    National Electrical Manufacturers  Association
    National Geographic Society
    National Humanities Center
    National Institutes of Health
    National Research Council
    North Pacific Research Board
    Northern California Institute for Research and Education
    OncoImmune, Inc
    Oncologic Foundation
    Open Society Institute
    Oregon State University
    Origin Materials
    Owsley Brown III Philanthropic Foundation
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company
    Paul Brady Fund/Fidelity
    Paul Castelfranco
    Peter and Alison Baumann
    Peter and Linda Lindert
    Peter Klavins and Susan Kauzlarich
    Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
    Philip D. Reed Foundation
    Philips Lighting North America
    Prasad Rampalli and Mridula Udayagiri
    Pricewaterhouse Coopers Charitable Foundation
    Ralph and Clairelee Leiser Bulkley
    Randall and Julie Merk
    Raymond Stewart and Nickie Bach
    Research Corporation
    Research Triangle Institute
    Rett Syndrome Research Foundation
    Rhode Island Hospital
    Rice University
    Richard and Patricia Sanchez
    Richard and Susan Couch
    Richard Larock and John Maves
    Richard Piper
    Richard Sapudar
    Rishi Tea
    Robert and Joyce Wisner
    Robert and Juilien Svoboda
    Robert and Lisa Campbell
    Robert Borgen and Sophia Lee
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    Rockefeller Foundation
    Ronald and Joyce Rabens
    Ronald Whitney-Whyte
    Rosalie Vanderhoef
    Ross Lampe
    Roy and Barbara March
    Roy Bishop
    Roy Shlemon
    Royal Society of Chemistry
    Rudy Haapanen
    Russell Pitzer
    Russell Sage Foundation
    Sacramento Municipal Utility District
    Salk Institute for Biological Studies
    San Diego Gas & Electric Company
    San Diego State University
    San Diego State University Foundation
    San Francisco Foundation
    San Francisco State University
    Sandra and Robert Kautz
    Sandra McPherson
    Sandra Ruliffson
    Santa Barbara Institute
    Santa Fe Institute
    Sartorius Stedim Biotech
    Schaffrath Family Trust
    Scios, Inc.
    Selig and Gloria Kaplan
    Sidney Wong and Marion McCurdy
    Skinner & Mann 1994 Trust
    Skinner Research Fund
    Southern California Edison Company
    Space Telescope Science Institute
    Spencer Foundation
    SRI International
    Stanford University
    Stephen and Elizabeth Bechtel
    Steven and Anjali Sheffrin
    Sun Microsystems Inc
    Sundeep Dugar and Cathy Angell
    Susan Harbison
    Susan Mann
    Susan Volman
    Tad Taube
    Ten Strands
    Texas A&M Research Foundation
    Texas National Research Lab
    The Agouron Institute
    The California Endowment
    The Hartwell Foundation
    The Kavli Foundation
    The Simons Foundation
    Thomas and Hilary Hoynes
    Thomas Volman
    Tides Foundation
    Tim and Rosanne Sweetland
    Timothy and Carolyn Ferris
    Tinker Foundation, Inc.
    Tom Bradshaw and Arlene Anthony
    Tufts University A/P
    Two Leaves for Life Foundation
    Tyco Electronics Foundation
    U S Olympic Committee
    United Negro College Fund, Inc.
    Universal Lighting Technologies Inc.
    Universities Space Research Association
    University at Buffalo
    University of Chicago
    University of Colorado
    University of Colorado-Boulder
    University of London
    University of Maryland - College of Education
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    University of Otago
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Southern California
    University of Utah
    University of Vermont
    University of Washington
    University of Waterloo
    USRA Headquarters
    Virginia Cahill
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    W. M. Keck Foundation
    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
    Walter & Elise Haas Fund
    Walter and Dianne Harrison
    Washington Center for Equitable Growth
    Washington State University
    Washington University in St Louis
    Wayne and Jacque Bartholomew
    Wayne Rosing
    Wenner-Gren Foundation
    Whitaker Foundation
    Willard and Carol Couch
    William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
    William and Nancy Roe
    William and Sharon Hollingshead
    William and Susan Parker
    William Fink and Lucille Janzer
    William Scherer
    William T. Grant Foundation
    Wine Scanner, Inc.
    Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
    Wright State University
    Xerox Corporation
    Xilinx Inc
    XtalPi, Inc.
    Yatish Mishra and Rosa Marquez
    Yocha Dehe Community Fund
    Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation
    Yoga Science Foundation
    Zelma Long and Phillip Freese
  • L&S Circle Supporters: $1,000+ annual giving
  • *The L&S Circle, formally the Herbert A. Young Society, is open to associations, clubs, and individuals who contribute $1,000 or more annually to the College of Letters and Science. Learn more

    Agilent Technologies, Inc.
    Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Aleut Foundation
    Alexis Merydith
    Alfredo and Irma Solorio
    Ali and Susan Hosseinion
    Allison Coudert
    Alvin Block and Ellen Chapman
    Amee Chotalia
    American Council of Learned Societies
    American Society for Quality Control
    American Society of Primatologists
    Andy Chang
    Anna Hom and Paul Ko
    Ari Kelman
    Arthur Wellman
    Ashley Wang and Kai Liu
    Barbara and Jackson Gualco
    Beronda Montgomery-Kaguri and Twesigye Kaguri
    Betsy Marchand
    Beverly Efishoff
    Bran Cameron
    Bret Hewitt
    Brian and Beatrice Burwell
    Bruce and Diane Edwards
    Bruker Nano Inc,
    California Endowment
    California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee
    Cannella for Supervisor 2020
    Carolyn and Timothy Ferris
    Carrie and Neil Schore
    Catherine Hunt and Wesley Wolf
    Charlene Kunitz
    Chau-Hsiung and Yueh-Jing Chuang
    Chevron Corporation
    Ching Yuan and Ming Hu
    Christel and Jerg Bieri
    Christopher Backer
    Corinne and Michael Whitaker
    Courtney Linn and Sarah Aikenhead
    CPM Educational Program
    Daniel and Joy Faletti
    Daniel Cox
    Darrell Corti and John Ruden
    Darryl and Marilyn Goss
    David Gettman
    David Hosley and Gayle Yamada
    David Traill
    Diana Vodrey and Joseph Kiskis
    Diane Griffiths
    Don Ho
    Donald Chakerian
    Donna Castro
    Donna Pozzi
    Doris Grimley
    Edna and Benjamin McCoy
    Elizabeth Cross and Anthony Stayner
    Emile Okal
    Enayat Astani
    Eric and Donna Prebys
    Eric and Emma Gimon
    Eve Ma
    Evelyn Armstrong and William Marks
    Ewa Lorens-Kinney and Patrick Kinney
    Faris Al Saeed
    Filipino American Educators Association Of California
    Frank Maurer 
    Frederick and Mary Jane Corson
    Gary Gruenhage
    Genentech, Inc.
    George Hague and Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague
    George Mangun and Tamara Swaab
    Gervais Tompkin
    Golden 1 Credit Union
    Grace and Donald Wheeler
    Gregory Friedman and Allison Fumai
    Gustavo Foscarini
    Gwyn and Rex Hime
    Hala Hijazi
    Hao Ko and Fay Wang
    Hari and Anuradha Reddi
    Harney & Sons Tea Corporation
    Harry Herr and Machele Donat
    Helen Richardson
    Hiroo Kanamori
    House of Iran Center for Art and Culture
    Humboldt Area Foundation
    International Tea Importers
    Isaura and Masahiro Nakada
    Ito En (North America) Inc.
    Jaana Remes and Andres Resendez
    Jacobs Foundation
    James and Lisa Cone
    James Landry
    James Sherrer
    Jane Deleon and Peter Horton
    Janice and Jeffrey Pettit
    Japan Foundation
    Jasbir and Sukhjit Kang
    Javid Javidan
    Jean Bottcher
    Joe Vandepeute
    John and Adrienne Scott
    John and Katherine Hess
    John Greenwood
    John Minnes
    Jonathan Clay and Heather Lauter-Clay
    Joseph and Elisabeth Walsh
    Joyce Poirot
    Judy and Howard Blevins
    Juilien and Robert Svoboda
    Julia Chan
    Julia Davidson
    Jungah Kim
    Katherine Nasol
    Kathryn Webb
    Katrina and Thomas McMorrow
    Kay and Anthony Marks Family Foundation/Raymond James Charitable 
    Kendra Daijogo
    Kern and Elizabeth Holoman
    Kevin and Kim Bacon
    Kevin and Laurie Carnahan
    Kristin and Kirk DeClark
    Kristin Olsend for Supervisor
    Left Coast Chamber Ensemble
    Leititia and Milan Momirov
    Linda and Bernhard Votteri
    Ling-Lie Chau
    Lisa and Andrew Stemmler
    Lisa and Robert Campbell
    Louis and Duncan Cutter
    M. Lowell Edwards Foundation
    Man Chuang
    Margaret Cowan and Diane Ayers
    Margaret Washington
    Margit Polyak and William Bornhorst
    Mark Edwards
    Mark Higgins and Kieran Flaherty
    Mary and Jeffrey Scruggs
    Mary Horton
    Mary Jo Kellogg
    Marylee Hardie
    Matrix Energy Services, Inc.
    Max Kade Foundation
    Melissa and Samuel Hamilton
    Merck & Company
    Michael and Pauline Brandmeyer
    Michael Chakerian
    Mina Ravanipour and Kazem Emdadi
    Mitchell and Elizabeth Stevens
    Muriel and David Skoug
    Nancy Hauch
    Navid Nakhaee
    Nelson Teng
    New York University
    Ngoc Tran and Nam Nguyen
    Nicholas Miller
    Nikon Corporation
    Nina Weil
    Nokia Corporation
    Nora Pallotta
    Norman Dong
    Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
    Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research Inc.
    Oath Inc/Benevity
    Owsley Brown III Philanthropic Foundation
    Pamela and Jeffrey Jarvis
    Parker Family Foundation
    Parto Emami
    Patricia and Clark Bailey
    Patricia and Richard Sanchez
    Patricia Fong
    Patrick and Mary Musick
    Patrick and Tracey Sherwood
    Paul Cutter
    Paul Fisher
    Paul Vartanian and Joanne Smyth
    Pauline Jabbari-Moazam and Cyrus Moazam
    Peet's Coffee & Tea
    Peggy Cavaghan
    Peter and Diana Crook
    Peter and Jo Ann Stabb
    Peter Beal and Sheila David
    Philip and Rickianne Schafer
    Punjabi-American Heritage Society
    RAND Corporation
    Randolph and Suzanne Siverson
    Regina Winner
    Richard Kendrick
    Richard Swanson
    Rishi Tea
    Robert and Brenda Schildgen
    Robert and Patricia Ashworth
    Robert and Shahrzad Klingner
    Robert Eby and Louise Levien
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Princeton Area Community Foundation
    Roger and Mary Niello
    Roger Halfhide and Patricia McVerry
    Rosa Tock and Jeffrey Kolnick
    Rosanne and Tim Sweetland
    Roy Shlemon
    Royal Society of Chemistry
    Sacramento Section of the American Chemical Society
    Sally and John Mitani
    San Francisco Foundation
    Sandra and Robert Kautz
    Sandra Ruliffson
    Sara Sabzevary and Morteza Beheshtian
    Selig and Gloria Kaplan
    Shadieh Mirmobiny
    Shant and Robin Garabedian
    Sheila Pallotta
    Shirley Maus
    Stephen and Melva Arditti
    Steven and Linda Blake
    Steven and Luana Staiger
    Sudhindra Tripathi
    Susan and Samuel Wyman
    Susan Kauzlarich and Peter Klavins
    Synthego Corporation
    Taj Syed
    Tao Knisely Fund/Schwab Charitable
    Ted and Jo Burr Margadant
    The Fab Foundation Academy
    Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Thuy Tan and Gregory Herman
    Tom and Meg Stallard
    Two Leaves for Life Foundation
    University At Buffalo, Suny - Graduate School of Education
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    University of Virginia
    Utah State University
    Wagenlis Foundation
    Walter Stone and Ann Cassidy-Stone
    Wayne and Jacque Bartholomew
    Wenner-Gren Foundation
    William and Nancy Roe
    William T. Grant Foundation
    William Zeile and Maria Yang
    Yee-Chung Fu and Hui-Hwa Chiang
    Yvonne and Niall McCarthy
    Zachary Polsky
    Zephyr Real Estate
  • L&S Annual Donors: up to $999 annual giving
  • Abbygayle Principe
    Abigail Moskowitz
    Adam and Janice Bridge
    Adelaid Donnelley
    Adira Olmi
    Adrienne Gulyassy
    Agnes and Donald Veith
    Alan Klein
    Alan Silva
    Alana Heiser
    Albert and Janet Kozak
    Albert Calleros
    Albert Galdamez
    Aldo Ibarra Salas
    Alesha Hill
    Aleshandra Griffith-Reed
    Alex and Joan de Paoli
    Alexander Bonser
    Alexander Carfi
    Alexander Sherriffs and Joan Rubinstein
    Alexander Vahdat
    Alexander Young
    Alexandra Kazaks
    Alexandra Morales
    Alexandria Rice
    Algie and Ramona Mosley
    Alison and Philip Mader
    Allan and Ofelia Sarmiento
    Alyssa West
    Amber Hall
    American Mathematical Society
    Amy Kapatkin and Robert Poppenga
    Anamarie and Jeffrey Maltzman
    Andrea Wollensak
    Andreas Kadavanich and Juliette Johnson
    Andrew and Bonnie Fisher
    Andrew and Stacy Gaebe
    Andrew Cohen and Debra Gevirtzman
    Andrew Hageman and Min Yu
    Andrew Jones and Katherine Duren
    Angela and Clark Blanchard
    Angela Carbonatto and Albert Liston
    Angela Joens
    Angela Lewandowski
    Angelica Owens
    Ann and Garrison Fathman
    Ann and Ray Adams
    Ann Evans and David Thompson
    Ann Russell
    Ann Watson
    Ann Zonderman
    Anna Case
    Anna-Karenina Montiel
    Annamaria and George Lee
    Annamarie Gayla
    Anne and Arthur and Mitsutome
    Anne and Ryan Greene
    Anne Gray
    Annette Mayman
    Annette Smarrito
    Annie Wong and Joseph Ma
    Anthony and Roberta Fanning
    Anthony Ocampo
    Anthony Wong
    Anton Pupkov
    Antonella Marcon
    Antonio and Anne Cepeda
    Anya Gibson
    April Genung Wooden and James Wooden
    Aram and Rene Derewetzky
    Ariana Amini and Benjamin Lamorte
    Ariel Master
    Arlene Del Bene
    Arrietta Chakos
    Arthur and Lindsay Okamoto
    Arthur Brown and Poem Swentzel
    Arthur Crist
    Asad Lodhia
    Audrey Lavine
    Austin Goss
    Aziza Sahin
    B&B Tax & Consultig Service, Inc.
    Bailey Wilmer
    Barbara and George Sycip
    Barbara Brown and William Titus
    Barbara Glenn
    Barbara Lachendro
    Barbel La Mar
    Bei Li
    Ben and Marcie Holland
    Ben Hunter
    Benjamin and Erica Portnoy
    Bernadette Habib
    Beth Kuhn
    Beth Levy
    Betty Bishop
    Betty Jaeger
    Bianca Mercurio
    Bill and Beverly Briggs
    Bo Feng
    Boeing Company
    Boon Tea, LLC
    Boyce and Stephanie Miller
    Brad Hubbard
    Bradley Sturgeon and Katherine Kottke
    Brandon Gallez
    Brandon Pacheco
    Brenna Henn
    Brett Frazier
    Bria Goss
    Brian and Judie Victor
    Brian Gawor
    Brian Harradine
    Brian Longhurst
    Brienna Cowan
    Brittani Orona
    Brooks Harris
    Bruce and Lynn Montgomery
    Bruce and Mary Carswell
    Bruce and Patricia Healey
    Bruce Janacek
    Bruce Kutter and Mary Ruedas
    Bruce Noll
    Bryan Carmichael
    Bryan Hale
    Bryan Yazell
    Bryant Williams
    California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
    California Council for Environmental & Economic Balance
    California State Council of Laborers
    Calvin Cheung
    Calvin Ly
    Cara Schneider 
    Carl Boyd
    Carl Tape
    Carla and Brian Pera
    Carla Tocchini
    Carlene Ozonoff
    Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Muniz
    Carly Culver
    Carly Gliva
    Carol and Peter Young
    Carol and Urban Kern
    Carol and William Couch
    Carol San
    Carol Tranter
    Carolyn and Christopher Hunt
    Carolyn Lutticken
    Carolyn Thomas
    Carrie Rocke
    Carroll and Janet Cross
    Cary and Joy Cheng
    Casey Ogata-Tran and Thien Tran
    Cassie Travo
    Catherine Borg
    Catherine Deguzman 
    Catherine Schulbach and Kenneth Stevens
    Cathleen Zick and Ken Smith
    Cathy Busby
    Cecilia Garcia
    Celin Corpuz
    Charissa Isidro
    Charissa Lagasca
    Charlene and James Castro
    Charlene Sailer and Howard Spero
    Charles Adams
    Charles and Kelli Jones
    Charles and Margaret Goodart
    Charles Casey
    Charles Horn
    Charles Lesher and Gry Barfod
    Chenxu Qian
    Chris and Jane Higgins
    Chris Mikles
    Christa and Mackie McLoy
    Christian Siegenthaler
    Christian Suyat
    Christina and Howard Janssen
    Christina Huvelle
    Christina Rosales
    Christina Skandalis
    Christina Thanpaeng
    Christine and Curtis Swanson
    Christine and Todd Sanfilippo
    Christine Bloch
    Christine Tao
    Christine Tebes
    Christopher and Jane Haigh
    Christopher and Rebecca Colborn
    Christopher Broski
    Christopher Colla
    Christopher Hu and Xiang Liu
    Christopher Kelsch
    Christopher Martinek
    Christopher Ubando
    Christopher Van
    Christyann and John Darwent
    Chui-Ling and Cheuk-Yiu Ng
    Chukwunedum and Joy Amajioyi
    Chung-Chin and Gene Pennello
    Chunping Zhong and Li Mei
    Cindy Parker
    Claire Tom
    Claire Waters and Alan Taylor
    Clarence Walker
    Claudia and James Woods
    Clay Huffman
    Clifford and Jeri Ohmart
    Conrad Panganiban
    Coral Gross
    Corrie Jacobs
    Corrine Kirkbride
    Craig and Mary Dandurand
    Craig Hornbuckle and Mary Dellafiora
    Craig Humphreys and Amy Yin
    Crystal Masuda
    Curits Richards
    Curtis and Stephanie Manning
    Cynthia and Wayne Bradford
    Cynthia Bates and Debra Horney
    Cynthia Chen
    Cynthia Pickett
    Cyril and Laura Juanitas
    Daihua Yao and Gang Sun
    Dale Arvy Maglalang
    Dale Heckman
    Daman Tull
    Daniel and Amy Marquez
    Daniel and Katherine Wollrich
    Daniel and Sandra Tokunga
    Daniel and Susan Simms
    Daniel Cedrone and Gary Fisher
    Daniel Domaguin
    Daniel Dorritie
    Daniel Glass
    Daniela and David Rinard
    Daniela Martinez
    Daniella Litvak
    Daryl and Shirley Mills
    Daryl Chan
    David and Carol Parker
    David and Janet Morimoto
    David and Jeanette Osias
    David and Lisa Wald
    David and Lois Madden
    David and Rachel Biale
    David and Suzan Requa
    David Anthony and Marianela Pena
    David Empey
    David Fung
    David Harris
    David Keithley
    David Miller
    David Phan
    David Portnov
    David Scheuring
    David Shields
    David Simpson and Margaret Ferguson
    David Suess
    David Tisdale
    David Williams
    David Woods
    Dawn Sumner
    Dean and Gloria Fearn
    Dean Tantillo and Selina Wang
    Deanna and Michael Rodriguez
    Deanne and James Hoekstra
    Debbie Wilson
    Deborah Gold
    Deborah Hernandez Sanchez
    Deborah Schwartz
    Delbert and Doris Gee
    Denise and Eric Buecheler
    Dennett and Joan Hanssmann
    Dennis Perez
    Dennis Raj
    Denny Ayard
    Derrick Goss
    Diana and Dino Tinti
    Diana and Eric Ryan
    Diana Motiz-Johnston and Donald Johnston
    Diana Rojek-Skonnord
    Diane Cooley
    Diane Krantz
    Diane Wexler
    Dianne and Walter Harrison
    Diego Valecantos-Monteagudo
    Don Abbott
    Donald and Carol Tallman
    Donald and Ellen Schell
    Donald and Jennifer Budmark
    Donald and Roslyn Sutherland
    Donald Cary
    Donald Pietz
    Donna and Daniel Koeppel
    Donna and Josh Pane
    Donna and Mark Justice
    Donna and Richard Hartman
    Dorothy Vaughn
    Douglas Kaplan and Cynthia Brown
    Drew Berra
    Duane Harlan
    Duncan Agnew
    Dyani Taff
    Dylan Metz
    Dylan Spaulding
    Edgar and Judy Wong-Chen
    Edward and Jean Loh
    Edward Carter
    Edward Ranahan
    Edward Urschel and Carissa Smith
    Edwin Cuellar
    Eileen Fogarty
    Eithne and James Chuchel
    Elaine and Philip Tillman
    Eleanor Yang
    Eleanore Fernandez-Payne
    Elisa Fernandez
    Elisha Findley
    Elizabeth and Benjamin Etgen
    Elizabeth and Steven Conovitz
    Elizabeth Bingham and Ramesh Thondapu
    Elizabeth Gibson-Shahbazian and Blair Shahbazian
    Elizabeth Gilbride and Sangho Byun
    Elizabeth Torio
    Elizabeth Wynn
    Ellen Bepp
    Ellis Partners LLC
    ElRoy Miller
    Elya Kandahari
    Elyse Rued Mengle
    Emilio Perez
    Emily Alameida
    Emily Vasquez and Ralph Lightstone
    Emmanuel Manasievici
    Envirobuilt Group
    Eric and Karen Gifford
    Eric Ceputis
    Eric Seedorff
    Eric Svaren
    Eric Taylor
    Erica Nozzi
    Erica Rios
    Erich Ippen
    Erick and Courtney Bock
    Erika Kreger
    Erin Gienger
    Erin Kwok
    Erin McElroy
    Erskine and Barbara Burns
    Ester and Michael Vaida
    Eugenia and Steven Rice
    Evan Willenson
    Evelyn Eastmond
    Fabian Falconett
    Faith Ko
    Fakhreddin Ijadi
    Fangkuo and Ching-Mi Li Sun
    Farideh Lebastchi
    Farzad Qmehr
    Felix and Elizabeth Wannenmacher
    Ferdinand Cruz
    Fidelity National Title Company
    Fields and Carol Gunsett
    Frank and Christine Kozusko
    Frank and Fredna Karneges
    Frank Lopez
    Frank Washington
    Fred and Anne Costello
    Freddy Chou
    Frederick Felman
    Gabriel Horner
    Gail Blumberg
    Gail Karet and John Vaughy
    Gale Okumura
    Gary and Beth Perez
    Gary and Susan Franzella
    Gary Awai and Mary Cooke
    Gennis Emerson
    Geoffrey and Mollie Burroughs
    George and Anna Boodrookas
    George and Hanni Zweifel
    George and Karen Wilson
    George Hegarty
    George Slavik
    Gillian Briley
    Gina Caison
    Gina Haycock
    Glenn Farris and India Fleming-Farris
    Gordon Baranco
    Grace Nglee and Kin Ng
    Grace Santuya
    Graham Coop
    Greg Kessler
    Gregg Mitchell
    Gregory and Karn Dabel
    Gregory Lynch
    Gretchen Braun
    Gretchen McClain and Steven Schatzki
    Gretchen Mohr
    Gretchen Whisenand
    Grujot Gill
    Gunwook Nam
    Guy and Jamillah Grant
    Ha Lam and Dung Cai
    Hala Cozadd
    Hanadi Morrar
    Hannah Kempf
    Hao Pham
    Haruko Masutani
    Harvey Yan and Tanya Noda
    Hassan Mahmoudi
    Heard Museum
    Hearne Pardee and Gina Werfel
    Heather Dahle
    Heidi and Haolin Chen
    Heidolph North America
    Helaina and Richard Kravitz
    Henry Dwyer
    Henry Lotsof
    Herbert Benton
    Herbert Holden
    Hernan Cortez
    Hollie Malamud
    Homa Izadian
    Horace Austin
    Huck Rees
    Hugh Allen
    Hugh and Deborah McDevitt
    Hugh Darwent
    Hugh Stevenson and Diane Paleczny-Stevenson
    Ian Koebner and Ronit Ridberg
    IBM International Foundation, LLP
    Indawati and George De Lucca
    Indigenous Education Inc.
    Inez Brooks-Myers
    Ira Jacknis
    Iraj Soheili
    Irene Fecht
    Irina Dardik
    Isaac Uvarov
    Isabel Montanez and David Osleger
    Isabelle Perlada
    Isaiah Sneed
    Jack Skavdahl Zwald
    Jackson for Senate 2016
    Jacob Bonham
    Jacob Ritter
    Jacqueline and Edward Clemens
    Jacqueline Lee and Jeremy Curtis
    Jade and Winston Chu
    Jaimey Fisher
    James Allison
    James and Alexandra Lee-Jobe
    James and Janis Rodden
    James and Sybil Wells
    James Beaumont
    James Eigo
    James Lammers and Jean Olive-Lammers
    James Luhur
    James Michael
    James Richmond and Susan Richmond
    James Tubb
    James Volponi
    Jan and John Lorah
    Jane Gordon Wittmann and William Wittman
    Jane Sangwine-Yager
    Janelle Petersen
    Janet and Joseph Krovoza
    Janet and Kenneth Drozd
    Janice and Kenneth Johnson
    Janice and Michael Cavaliere
    Janine Adams
    Jann and Anthony Faciane
    Jasmine Kitses
    Jasmine Ramirez
    Jason Bonelli
    Jason Stewart
    Jay and Ying Tong
    Jay Guerber and Sally Klusaritz
    Jay Hansen
    Jean Gladys Lo
    Jeanne Huey
    Jeff and Irene Kwok
    Jeffrey and Sandra Granett
    Jeffrey Day
    Jeffrey Holl
    Jeffrey Martell
    Jeffrie and Whitney Morgan
    Jehanne-Marie Gavarini
    Jennie Escobedo
    Jennifer Duggan and Richard Schinderle
    Jennifer Eickmann
    Jennifer Ghaussy
    Jennifer Kraemer
    Jennifer Lind-Zentner and Robert Zentner
    Jennifer Moore
    Jennifer Nguyen Bernal
    Jennifer Saffo
    Jennifer Seay
    Jennifer Yoshimura
    Jenny Guthrie and Andrew Wedemeyer
    Jerome and Kathleen Keating
    Jerrold Haas
    Jerry and Cynthia Simmons
    Jerry and Patricia Harper
    Jerry Woodall and Nancy Bulger
    Jesikah Ross and Thomas Sterling
    Jessica Bartlett
    Jessica Curtaz
    Jessica Raeli Ison
    Jia Li and Zhili Gui
    Jill and Doug Nickels
    Jill and Michael Pease
    Jim and Theresa Lehman
    Jinting Wu
    Jo Anne Boorkman
    Joan Sallee
    Joanna Browning
    Joanna Kidd
    Jocelyn Lambros
    Johanna Vanderlee
    John and Angiolina Wiskocil
    John and Kathleen Curtaz
    John and Mary Sadler
    John and Nancy Keltner
    John and Sandra De George
    John Darwent
    John Dixon
    John Farrar and Naomi Mizusaki
    John Floyd
    John Garrison
    John Gorney and Stephen Henry
    John Griffin
    John Hershberger
    John Martins
    John Marx
    John Naliboff
    John Trimble
    John Vander Kamp
    John Vohs and Linda Boehm
    John Votaw
    Johnny Kao
    Johnson & Johnson
    Jon and Katherine Weiner
    Jonas Mari
    Jonathan and Julie Elam
    Jonathan Lieberman
    Jonathan Shefner
    Jonathan Tse
    Jonathan Ziegler
    Joncarlo Mark and Jami Rubin-Mark
    Jordan Lee
    Jose and Ericka Alvarez
    Jose and Natalie Herrera
    Jose Gamez
    Jose Solorio Ramirez
    Joseph Jaszweski
    Joseph Kwan
    Joshua Davis
    Joy Sales
    Juan and Stephanie Puente
    Judith Gabor
    Judith Loewe
    Judith Mack
    Judith Moores
    Judith Ozment
    Judith West
    Judith Wydick
    Judyth and Albert Folske
    Juleen Lam
    Julia Gumina
    Julia Wilmers
    Julian Mel Leus
    Julie Dalrymple and Greg Restinas
    Julie Miller
    Juliet Mevi-Shiflett and Raymond Shiflett
    June Gulyassy
    Justin and Margaret Olamit
    Justin Fink and Sandra Masayko
    Justin Malvin
    Justin Phan
    Kai and Sadi Pajouhi
    Kallie Louis and Joseph Connolly
    Kara Wootson
    Karen and Joseph Kessel
    Karen Broido
    Karen Dewald and David Miotke
    Karen Lamalva
    Kari Cooper and Eric Cowgill
    Karim Mirza
    Karl and Connie Romstad
    Karl Mertz and Sara Roeske
    Karla and Scott Stevenson
    Karla Campbell and Kurt Koldinger
    Karla Urbanowicz
    Karson Little
    Katharine Cobb
    Katherine and Bryan Patterson
    Katherine Krebs
    Katherine Mawdsley
    Katheryn and William Werner
    Kathleen and John Martin
    Kathleen and Michael Tucker
    Kathleen and Paul Mesple
    Kathleen Barry
    Kathleen Cole
    Kathleen Crawford
    Kathleen Laderman
    Kathleen Medina-Polkinghorn and Robert Polkinghorn
    Kathryn Newton
    Kathryn Ortega Jones
    Kathryn Woodbury
    Kathy Miner
    Katrielle Padilla
    Kaye Ellyard and Linda Morris
    Kazem Alamdari
    Keala Hagmann
    Kellie Bliss
    Kelly and Barbara Chan
    Kena Hudson and David Lorie
    Kenneth and Lindy Burtis
    Kenneth and Sheryl Wilson
    Kenneth Verosub and Irina Delusina
    Kevin and Lillian Wong
    Kevin Gardner
    Kevin Pedrotti
    Kevin Pham
    Kevin Wiesmann and Jennifer Buddenhagen
    Khotan and Hooshang Shoja
    Kiandokht and Adib Rowhani
    Kim Davis
    Kimberly Bowman
    Kirk and Kathy Colvin
    Kirsten O'Nell
    Kishore and Jyothi Emmala
    Kiye Sakai and Alex Hernandez
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    Kozo Itoga
    Krista Owen-Magras and Patrick Magras
    Kristia Owens
    Kristin Ede
    Kristin Ferraro
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    Linda Terra and James Sickles
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    Logan Schultheis
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    Lois McKellar
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    Loren and Margaret Raymond
    Lotti Lawlis
    Louis and Ivy Chan
    Louise Ricca and Lee Kaiser
    Louise Stocker
    Lourdes Brillantes Taggueg and Roy Taggueg
    Lousie and James Christy
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    Lynne Isbell and Truman Young
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    Mahnaz Dashti
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    Margaret Roderick
    Margaret Valva
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    Margit and David Demaray
    Maria and Mark Brown
    Maria and Rene Haug
    Maria Navarro
    Mariana Valdez Jimenez
    Marianne Mitosinka and George Wick
    Marie Wallick
    Marilyn and Peter Schiffman
    Marilyn and Steven Bachman
    Marion Fok and Ramond Kao
    Marisita and Lovell Jarvis
    Marisol Gonzalez
    Marjorie and Garry Fickes
    Marjorie Watson
    Mark and Laurie MacBayne
    Mark and Mary-Betty Stevenson
    Mark and Sheila Thalhimer
    Mark Lodico
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    Mark Roudebush
    Mark Rowe and Sandra Templin
    Marla and Todd Fields
    Marla Hambright
    Marlin and Diana Balsiger
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    Marsha Williams
    Marta Peluso and George Cotkin
    Martha and Fred Rehrman
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    Mary and John Caris
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    Michael and Joan Rushford
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    Michael and Sayna Jahangiri
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    Michael Mulhearn
    Michael Orland and Henry Spiller
    Michael Oskin
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    Nafiseh Kazemi
    Nancy and Christopher Knowdell
    Nancy and Peter Bluford
    Nancy Easterberg
    Nancy Erbstein and Jonathan London
    Nasser Sabzevary
    Natalia Valadez
    Natalie Makableh
    Nathanial Wlliams and Leigh Ann Hartman
    Neil Willits and Carole Hom
    Ngangiang and John Thoo
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    Nicole Bergeron and Edward Lempert
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    Noah Sturm
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    Peter Ng
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    Rachel Max
    Rachelle Taylor
    Ralph and Katherine Braren
    Ralph Cote
    Ralph Hexter and Manfred Kollmeier
    Ramandeep and Baljinder Kalkat
    Randall and Mary Stenson
    Randall White
    Raquel and Antonio Flores
    Ravi Shankar and Malini Kondabagilu
    Ravipal Singh
    Raymond Nguyen
    Rebecca and Arthur Hotop
    Rebecca Griva
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    Rebekah and Joe Pickens
    Rebekah Lema
    Regine Amparo
    Rena Mizrahi
    Renaldo Suarez
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    Resham Haddox and Amber Orloff
    Reza Mahdavi and Mahboobeh Deilami
    Ricardo Lezama
    Richard and Jeannette Vargus
    Richard and Melissa King
    Richard and Susan Salkowitz
    Richard and Susasn Pfiefer
    Richard Compean
    Richard Grotch and Erika Pardo
    Richard Helm
    Richard Huskey
    Richard Meffley
    Richard Wood
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    Rita and Daryl Morgan
    Rita and Thomas Osborne
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    Robert and Anna Sammelson
    Robert and Annette Ackerman
    Robert and Jennifer Enzminger
    Robert and Judith Simas
    Robert and Linda Naylor
    Robert and Mary Larochelle
    Robert and Nancy Antonoplis
    Robert Bjorkquist
    Robert Broadhurst and Kathryn Anderson
    Robert Coe
    Robert Coleman
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    Robert Kaindl
    Robert Moustakas
    Robert OKeefe and Anna Harris
    Robert Pearson
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    Robert Varga and Lori Bettison-Varga
    Robin Garrell and Kendall Houk
    Rocio Saldana Canchola
    Rodger Johnson and Lynette Kessler
    Roger and Paulette Schulte
    Roman and Jean Seguerre
    Roman Pshichenko
    Romina Tayag
    Ron Austin and Deborah Thompson-Austin
    Ronald and Mary Davis
    Roozbeh and Doris Nafisi
    Rosa Gomez-Camacho
    Rosaline and Richard Padilla
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    Rose Soza War Soldier
    Rosemary and James Stevens
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    Scott Soykin
    Seng Foo and Soo Lim
    Seong Han
    Serna and Richard Teixeria
    Seth and Jennifer Stevelman
    Sevgi and Edwin Friedrich
    Shana Ratner and Matthew Burr
    Shannon Tamme
    Shari Tucker
    Sharilyn and Nathan Daun-Barnett
    Sharmeen Saeed
    Sharon and Clark Swanson
    Sharon Knox
    Sharon Reynolds
    Shaun Keister and Walter Allen
    Sheila and Angelo Haro
    Sheila Slaughter-Dey and Thomas Dey
    Sheral Danque
    Sherman and Hannah Stein
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    Siemens Corporation
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    Sonbol and Mansou Aliabadi
    Srena Marini
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    Stacy Davis
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    Stefanie Aschmann
    Stephanie Deaner
    Stephanie Gomez and Diego Vera
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    Stephen and Lauren Klein
    Stephen and Lynanne Steele
    Stephen and Shari Kawelo
    Steven and Laura Van Winkle
    Steven and Linda Schultz
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    Steven Loya
    Steven Rudman and Sandra Carlson
    Steven Sawamura and Robin Bush
    Steven Slaff
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    Suad Joseph
    Sudha Vasudevan
    Sue and Bradley Loewen
    Sue DeRoos
    Sunanda Gaur
    Susan Abplanalp-Weeks and Steve Weeks
    Susan Barnett
    Susan Burdett
    Susan Carlson and Michael Mendelson
    Susan Everson-Rose and Roger Rose
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    Susanna Orosco-Martinez and Jose Martinez
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    Sylvia Bender
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    Teresa and David Furlow
    Teri Augustine
    Terrence Quan
    Terri and Christopher Castaneda
    Terri and Gregory Buchner
    Terry and Sari Farmer
    Terry Irwin
    Tessa Hill and Brian Gaylord
    Theresa and Marion Tse
    Theresa Antonelli
    Theresa Tena and Jason Murphy
    Thomas and Christine Klipfel
    Thomas and Marie Jarvis
    Thomas Bonte
    Thomas Braham
    Thorne Lay
    Tianyi Hu
    Timoth Thatcher
    Timothy Baker
    Tobias Bates
    Todd Adair and Cris Kosovac Adair
    Tom Maiorana
    Tracy and Paul Ligtenberg
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    Trevor Allen
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    Tyrena Holley
    Union Privilege
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    Valdis and Rebecca Kiperts
    Valentina Kravchuk and Matthew Schumacher
    Valerie and John Barry
    Van To and Peter Tung
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    Vanessa Sica Kasabach and Chris Kasabach
    Vannvisal Hem
    Vasu Dev
    Veena and Kailash Khandke
    Vera Scheidlinger and Zachary Bailey
    Veronica Flores-Lomeli
    Victor and Alyssa Bates
    Victor Sater and Suzanne Marchand
    Victoria and Brian Pepper
    Victoria Torres
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    Virginia and Davide Donati
    Virginia Hargrave
    Walt Disney Worldwide Services
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    Walter Wiesner and Teresa Carter
    Wang and Linda Ng
    Wayne and Terry McCoy
    Wayne Jopanda
    Wenlong Jin and Ling Li
    Wesley Natzle and Frances Dunwell
    Wetona Eidson-Ton and Hendry Ton
    Willa Porter
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    William and Linda Bernheim
    William Chambers
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    William Chestnut
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    William Merrill
    William Owen
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    Willis King
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    Wynne and James Skow
    X Wang
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    Yee Jae Kim
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    Yichuan Bai
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    Yizhou Zang
    Yolanda Wagner
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  • ACS-Hach Land Grant Scholarship
    Alan Templeton Art History Fund
    Albert J. and Helen K. McNeil Performance Fund 
    Alice Siu-Fun Leung Endowment Fund
    Andrew M. Siverson Scholarship
    Anthropology Collections Facility Endowment
    Arley Firch Endowment for the UC Davis Concert Band 
    Arthur J. Krener Mathematics Research & Teaching Endowment
    August "Gus" Maki Memorial Fund
    Bacon Family Graduate Fellowship
    Barbara Hussey Riggins Family Trust Fund
    Barbara K. Jackson Fellowship For Graduate Conductors
    Barrall Family Fund for Philosophy and the Social Sciences
    Barrall Family Philosophy Scholarship, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation
    Baumann Fellowship 
    Bernhard A. Votteri, M.D. and Linda A. Votteri, MSN Endowed Scholarship Fund*
    Betty Jean and Wayne Thiebaud Endowed Lecture 
    Betty Jo Teeter Dobbs Memorial Fund
    Bita Daryabari Presidential Chair in Persian Language and Literature at UC Davis 
    Bita Daryabari Presidential Chair Matching Fund 
    Bob and Sandy Kautz Current-Use Graduate Fellowship in Anthropology 
    Bob and Sandy Kautz Graduate Fellowship in Anthropology
    Bradford Borge Scholarship Fund
    Bret T. Hewitt Graduate Fellowship
    Bret T. Hewitt Graduate Fellowship, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative
    Bruce Daigh Scholarship Fund in Economics and Political Science
    Bruce N. Janacek Fund for History
    C. Bryan Cameron Distinguished Chair in International Economics
    C.Y. Fong Graduate Fellowship In Physics 
    Cahill Applications of Physics to Environmental Problems Research Fund 
    Cahill Fund for Crocker Nuclear Laboratory Seed Money Grants
    Carolyn F. Wall Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Castelfranco Endowment for Comparative Religion
    Catherine A. Cerny Endowed Fund for the UC Davis Deisgn Department and Museum
    Catherine Coudert Gottesman Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
    Charles M. Hardin and Emeriti Fund
    Charles M. Louderback Endowed Fund in the Institute for Social Sciences 
    Charles R. Bishop Endowed Fund
    Christine Diane Fisher Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Clare E. Ficklin Scholarship Fund
    Clyde Jacobs and Larry Peterman Distinguished Scholar Award
    College of Letters and Science Experiential Learning Fund 
    Cordell and Helen M. Durrell Memorial Fund
    Cordell Durrell Field Geology Fund
    Corinne Alyanakian '88 and Michael Whitaker Lecture Fund
    Crook Fund for Graduate Student Research, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation
    Cusumano Family Scholarships
    D. Kern and Elizabeth Holoman Award in Music History
    Daniel and Pearl Crowley Memorial Scholarship
    Daniel H. Calhoun Dissertation Research Award
    David and Ruth Volman Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry
    David Noel Miller Scholarship Fund 
    Davis Music Department Award Fund
    Dean Keith Simonton Prize Presidential Endowment Fund 
    Delaine Eastin Scholarship
    Della Davidson Memorial Fund
    Diana Lynn Bogart  Memorial Prize in Fiction Writing 
    Dianne and Walter Harrison Fund, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative (building to endowment)
    Dolan Davis Prize 
    Don and Lou McNary Music Award
    Don Kunitz Memorial Fund
    Donald & Ellen Eberly Scholarship 
    Donald O. and Phyllis C. Rickter Endowed Scholarship Fund
    Donald Rothchild Memorial Graduate Research Award
    Doris L. Stewart Fund
    Dr. Shant & Robin Garabedian Lecture 
    Drake Endowment Fund 
    Ed and Elen Witter Endowment 
    Edmund and Wilma Fink Memorial Award
    Edward and Patricia Gammel Endowed Piano Scholarship Fund
    Edward B. Roessler Chair in Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
    Eldridge and Judith Moores Field Geology Fund 
    Eldridge Moores Distinguished Visiting Scholars Fund in the Geosciences
    Elliot Gilbert English Graduate Award 
    Elmer Forrest Bartley Scholarship 
    Emile G. Scholz Prize 
    Emile G. Scholz Prize, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative 
    Emilyn Louise Vaage Memorial Scholarship Fund 
    Empyrean Ensemble Endowment Fund
    EPS Building Educational Enhancement Fund 
    Eric C. Ruliffson Scholarship in Mathematics
    Ernest E. Hill Fellowship
    Ernest E. Hill Memorial Graduate Fellowship, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative
    Eugene Lunn Memorial Lectureship 
    Evans/Grimm Prizes in Latin and Greek 
    Evelyn M. Silva Scholarship for Future Mathematics Teachers
    Everett Dale Jackson Memorial Scholarship
    F. Paul Brady Graduate Fellowship, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative
    Fadley Pusateri Memorial Fund in Physics and Music
    Faris Saaed Arab Studies Endowment
    Faris Saeed Student Leadership Fund 
    Frank A. Mesplé Memorial Scholarship Fund 
    Frederica Darema Speaker Forum
    G. Thomas Sallee Mathematics Teaching Endowment
    Gadberry Award
    Gary Perkins Academic Achievement Student Award in African American and African Studies Program, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation
    Gary Snyder Endowed Chair in Science and the Humanities
    George and Jackie Hague International Graduate Student Award 
    Gerald P. Mohrman Memorial Lecture Series Fund 
    Glen R. and Tracy L. Van Ligten Scholarship in Social Sciences and Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies Fund
    Graduate Students of Professor Walker Award Fund
    Granada Dramatic Art Endowment
    Gwendolyn Bridges Needham Chair in English Literature
    Harrison Metal Fund in Economic History
    Harvey Pine Theatre & Dance Fund
    Hazel B. Jacoby Graduate Fellowship, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative
    Heather Nikkel-Lampe Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Helge B. Olsen Student Support Fund
    Henrik Jul Hansen Memorial Scholarship
    Herbert A. Young Memorial Fund 
    Hossein Mirmobiny Fund
    Hui-Hwa Chiang Endowed Scholarship in Physics
    I Love Art and Design Endowed Fund
    India at the Crossroads Speaker Series Endowed Fund
    Integrated Studies Honors Program Fund 
    James and Roberta Woodress  Endowed Fund
    James D. Cone Graduate Fellowship, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative 
    James Malley and Laura Torrado-Malley Fund for the Institute for Social Sciences (Building to Endowment)
    James N. Fulmor and Leta H. Fulmor Scholarship Fund
    Jan and Beta Popper Endowed Professorship in Opera
    Jan and Beta Popper Support Fund 
    Japanese Children's Home Internship Fund
    Javad & Shirin Rahimian Fund for Iranian Studies
    Jeffery Owyang Art Scholarship
    Jeffery Owyang Geology Scholarship
    Jeffrey Berger and Sheri Berger Fund for the Care of Ghetto Wall Outdoor Art
    Jere H. Curry Memorial Fund
    Joanne R. Bethlahmy History Student Scholarship
    Joanne R. Bethlahmy Student Scholarship
    John and Henni Fetzer Award for Advanced Undergraduate Study of German Literature and Culture
    John and Lyn Lofland Undergraduate Research Award
    John and Terry Kubota Scholarship Fund
    John F. and M.M. Ann Gunion Fund for the Support of High Energy Phenomenology
    John M. Rodgers Memorial Grant For Experimental High-Energy Physics 
    John W. & Ernestine Heinrich Endowed Scholarship
    John W. Shields Memorial Award 
    Jonathan G. Clay and Heather E. Lauter-Clay Fund
    Joseph H. Harris, MD and Margaret A, Harris Fund
    Joseph H. Silverman Endowed Fellowship
    Joy S. Shinkoskey Series of Noon Concerts Current-Use Fund
    Joy S. Shinkoskey Series of Noon Concerts Endowment
    Karl Schwarze Mathematics Scholarship
    Kathleen S. Brandl Class of 2014 Scholarship 
    Katie Dunlap Endowed Scholarship Fund 
    Katie Dunlap Endowment Fund for the Social Sciences 
    Kauzlarich Inorganic Award, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation
    L&S Data Studies Program Fund 
    L. Mark Waterworth Endowed Scholarship Fund
    LaBrecque Fund in Earth and Planetary Sciences
    Lakshmi Raman Graduate Summer Research Award
    Lakshmi Raman Graduate Summer Research Support Fund
    Lawrence J. Andrews Prize Fund 
    Lawrence Lozares Music Lesson Endowment
    Lawrence Lozares Music Lesson Support Fund
    Ledyard & Barbara Stebbins Endowment Fund
    Leon H. Mayhew Memorial Award
    Leon H. Mayhew Prize in Sociology
    Lesley Diane Sanchez Memorial Scholarship Fund 
    Levin Family Scholarship- In Honor of Lauren A. Levin, Class of 2011 
    Levine Family Fund in Economics
    Ling-Lie Chau Endowed Chair in Physics 
    Ling-Lie Chau Graduate Fellowship in Physics, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation and Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
    Lois Ann Lattin Rosenberg Endowed Fund
    Lori Summa and David Awwiller Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Geosciences
    Louise H. Kellogg Chair in Geophysics
    M.L. Bailey Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Marc Blanchard Comparative Literatures Summer Undergraduate Travel Award 
    March Family Internship Award
    Marcia Cary Anti-Gravity Endowment Award Fund
    Margaret Parish Jepsen Bowles Endowment for English
    Margaret Wong and Michael Brandl Fund for Chemistry Excellence
    Margrit Mondavi Student Support for the Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies
    Marian Ury Japan Study Travel Award 
    Marilyn M. Olmstead Student Excellence Award in X-Ray Crystallography
    Marini Foundation Design Cruess Hall Fund
    Marinka Phaff Memorial Fund in Performance Design
    Mark & Margaret Garibaldi STEM/Arts Award
    Marsha L. R. Stieber Native American Studies Endowed Scholarship
    Marta Belen Memorial Award in Music Fund 
    Martha Ann Richardson Scholarship 
    Mary Lou Osborn Memorial Fund
    Mathematics Undergraduate Endowment Fund
    Maureen Bellettini Memorial Book Award 
    Maureen Bellettini Undergraduate Research Scholarship 
    Maurice Prize In Fiction
    Maurine (Fay) Morse Nelson Graduate Fellowship in Art
    Maurine (Fay) Morse Nelson Graduate Fellowship in Music
    Max Bach Graduate Fellowship
    McCurdy Family Scholarship in Mathematics
    Merk Family Fund for the Department of Design 
    Merk Family Graduate Student Award in Political Science, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation
    Michael Alan Anthony Student Support Fund
    Michael and Ester Vaida Endowed Chair in Cosmology and Astrophysics 
    Michael and Ester Vaida Graduate Fellowship in Physics 
    Michael and Ester Vaida Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics for Underrepresented Students  
    Michael and Ester Vaida Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics for Women 
    Michael T. Rabens Class of 2013 Award
    Mohini Jain Presidential Chair in Jain Studies at UC Davis 
    Mohini Jain Presidential Chair Matching Fund 
    Molière French Graduate Student Award 
    MPS Dean's Graduate Student Prize
    Music Lessons Endowment Fund
    Nancy and Bill Roe C.N. Gorman Fund
    Nancy and Gregory Sterling Scholarship
    Nancy and John Jungerman Graduate Award in Physics
    Nancy K. and John A. Jungerman Graduate Fellowship, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative
    Nancy M. Webb Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Navrotsky Rock Thermochemistry Lab Fund
    Nedjelko Dinko Suljak Scholarship Fund 
    Norm and Joyce Weil Award
    Ola Lorens Memorial Travel Fund
    Pacific Regional Humanities Center Endowment
    Parker Family Foundation Scholarship
    PARSA Community Foundation Endowed Visiting Lecturer in Iranian/Persianate Studies 
    Paul A. Castelfranco Graduate Award in Religious Studies
    Paul Brady Award
    Paul Goodman Endowment Fund
    Paul Goodman Memorial Graduate Fellowship
    Pauline Stayner and Lois Cross Scholarship Fund 
    Pell Family Foundation Lectureship in Jewish Studies
    Peter A. Rock Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry
    Peter and Linda Lindert Chair in Economics 
    Political Science Undergraduate Scholarships
    Professor Manfred P. Fleischer Undergraduate Honors Research Award 
    Program Enrichment Endowment Fund 
    Punjabi Language and Culture Fund
    R. Bryan Miller Memorial Endowment Fund 
    R. Bryan Miller Symposium Endowment
    Ramin (Ron) Najafi, Chairman and CEO, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Award in Medicinal Chemistry 
    Rand Schaal Field Fund
    Raymond M. Keefer Endowment 
    Reed-Smith Endowment
    Reed-Smith Travel Research Awards
    Renee and Mike Child Family Fund for the Center for Mind and Brain
    Richard and Carolyn Palmer Fund
    Richard August Huberty Memorial Scholarship
    Richard C. Larock Outstanding Graduating Senior Award
    Richard C. Larock Undergraduate Research Conference
    Richard C. Larock Undergraduate Research Conference Endowment
    Richard C. Larock Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
    Richard L. Lander Data Analysis and Visualization Laboratory
    Richard Sinopoli Memorial Fund
    Robert A. Matthews Memorial Award
    Robert Arneson Chair in Ceramic Sculpture
    Robert K. Brinton Graduate Award in Chemistry
    Robert Lewis Wasser Prize
    Robert W. Jackman Scholarship Fund
    Roderick V. Reid Graduate Student Fellowship, with Matching Support from the UC Davis Foundation
    Rodman-Mitani Award
    Roland Marchand Memorial Fund
    Roy and Barbara March Family Fund For Economics 
    Russell J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowship Fund 
    Ruth E. Anderson Scholarship Fund
    Ryan Couch Memorial Endowment 
    Ryan Couch Memorial Fellowship 
    Saxon-Patten Prize Fund 
    Scherer Community Scholarship
    Shang Fa and Eleanor Yang Scholarly Exchange Endowment
    Sheffrin Lecture Fund
    Sherwood L&S Scholarship
    Sociology Undergraduate Research Award 
    Steve Beck Fund
    Steven G. Lapointe Research Award for Graduate Students in Linguistics 
    Stylianos V. Spyridakis, Ph.D.  Scholarship Fund 
    Summer Field Geology Fund
    Susan B. Kaiser Endowed Fund 
    Susan M. Kauzlarich Graduate Fellowship in Inorganic Chemistry, with Matching Support from the Graduate Student Fellowship Matching Initiative 
    Taj and  Zakir Syed Family Charitable Foundation Undergraduate/Graduate Scholarship for the Study of Islam and Islamic Civilization
    Tara K. Telford Graduate Student Award 
    Tarrant Family Scholarship Fund
    TEAL Endowment 
    The Alan Templeton Endowed Chair in the History of European Art Before 1830
    The Alberini Family Speaker Series in Design 
    The Alberini Family Speaker Series in Design Support Fund
    The Barbara K. Jackson Chair in Choral Conducting
    The Barbara K. Jackson Chair in Orchestral Conducting
    The Bruno W. and Audrey M. Bracka Scholarship
    The C. Andre Fowler and Lauren E. Kaplan Endowed Collaborative Concert Fund
    The C. Andre Fowler and Lauren E. Kaplan Endowed Fund for the UC Davis Marching Band
    The C. Andre Fowler and Lauren E. Kaplan Endowed Jazz Band Program Fund
    The Charles S. Linderman Scholarship For Participatory Democracy 
    The David Risling Intertribal Award
    The David Traill Travel Prize for Classics Majors
    The Emanuel Ringelblum Chair in Jewish History
    The Eugene V. Debs Graduate Fellowship Endowment 
    The Fred P. Corson /Dow Chemical Company Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry
    The Goss Family Endowment
    The Henry L. Alder Graduate Fellowship in Mathematics
    The Hershey Family Foundation Research Scientist Support Fund 
    The Isao Fujimoto Community Research Award in Asian American Studies
    The Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Artist in Residence Program
    The K.W. Lee Research Fund
    The Kavli Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience 
    The Marilyn Mantay Fund in Aid of Public Musical Performances 
    The Pamela Ingebar Maus Memorial Prize in Literature 
    The Paul A. & Marie Castelfranco Chair in the History of Christianity 
    The Pitzer Center Music Lesson Endowment *current use acounts as well
    The Richard McGee AJI Graduate Scholarship
    The Robert and Juilien Svoboda Graduate Fellowship in Physics
    The Robert C. Arneson Graduate Student Fellowship
    The Roy J. Shlemon Chair in Applied Geosciences
    The Russell F. and Jean H. Fiddyment Endowed Chair in Latin American Studies
    The Savageau Award Fund
    The W. Turrentine Jackson Chair in the History of the Western United States 
    The William Thurston Endowed Lectureship 
    Theatre and Dance Department Enhancement Fund
    Thomas W. Todd Scholarship Fund 
    Toshinao Kanno Prize for Outstanding Piano Performance
    UC Davis Alumni Supporting Public Service
    UC Davis Chorus Endowment
    UC Davis Education Abroad Scholarship Fund
    UC Davis Washington Center Scholarship Fund
    UCD Dramatic Art Fellowship Endowment
    UCD Symphony Endowment 
    Vassilios and Georgia Katehis Endowment
    W. Turrentine Jackson Graduate Fellowship in Western United States History
    Wagenlis Foundation
    Walter J. Englund and Alva M. Englund Endowment Fund
    William B. Jameson Scholarship Fund
    William E. Valente Music Scholarship Fund
    William F. Dukes Fund in Psychology
    William Karl Schwarze Music Scholarship
    William Turrentine Jackson Scholarship Fund
    William Van O'Connor Memorial Fund 
    Winston Ko Professorship in Science Leadership 
    Yocha Dehe Chair in California Indian Studies
    Yocha Dehe Wintun National Education Fund 
    Yueh-Jing Lin Fund