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Great Teachers Inspired Math Alumnus

February 01, 2016
Gwen McKinley graduated from UC Davis in 2015 with a B.S. in mathematics. She is now in her first year of a mathematics doctoral program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge.

Jack Boyl '05

January 19, 2016
Jack Boyl ‘05, has been a UC Davis all-star ever since he stepped foot on campus - from playing for the varsity baseball team all the way to leading the Orange County CAAA Chapter as a proud alumnus.

Voices of the Change Generation

January 05, 2016
Dominique Gebru ’12 is helping students discover and develop their leadership skills. A Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica, Gebru serves as the youth literacy adviser in a small, rural primary school in Trelawny Parish.

Raising a Born Leader

January 04, 2016
The bond between mother and daughter is easy to see. It is forged with respect and unconditional love—and laughter, lots of laughter.